A new web medium “SakeTips!” has been launched on Oct 1.

The theme of this medium is “Sake is for everyone.”
It also has two characters as followings:

1. Connecting Japan and the world through SAKE: you can read articles both in English and in Japanese.
2. Some writers are totally SAKE beginner.

You might feel strange the second character — why can newbies write about SAKE?
In fact, through my life in US about one and a half year, I’ve gotten to believe that we need perspectives of those who don’t know SAKE at all in order to make SAKE worldwide.

See the link to understand our statement.


For example, “Sake 101” is a column for beginner — two members Aya and Tomoko without knowledge about SAKE learn tips from me, Saki, a sake sommelier and journalist.
This column starts with a episode that Aya doesn’t feel Sake tasty, which seems a bit weird for a medium of SAKE.

Also, we will publish various articles such as book reviews, reports of breweries in Japan and US, my essay and so on.


We’re planning to update this site weekly for a while, but actually you can check our status with social media as below:


Additionally, we would like to hold some events for SAKE lovers to meet each other and to drink SAKE actually someday.


Our mission is to make sake accessible for everyone,

so they can enjoy it with their own body and in their own words.

We are here to help you experience sake.

(From SakeTips! – ABOUT)

Please follow us SakeTips! to follow SAKE’s status quo in the world!

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