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One day I got a job offer…

(Client’s voice)
For the next issue’s feature, I want you to select some sake brands you recommend for women

Saki: I see, for women…


Saki: Women…?

(Saki recalls her female friends… Though Japanese people believe that women have a low tolerance for alcohol, all her friends are big drinkers!)


Even though women are regarded as more vulnerable to alcohol effects than men, I sometimes doubt this biological fact because I have a lot of female friends who are heavy drinkers.

According to media and people in the sake industry, recently sake has become popular among Japanese women.

There are several reasons: (1) Sake’s ABV (about 15-16%) is lower than spirits (*). (2) Sake is easy to drink because of smooth texture. (3) Sake goes well with a wide variety of food—because it can not only cover unpleasant taste of food but also bring out good flavor of even simple taste foodstuff.

Targeting women, some Japanese breweries produce sweet and fruity sake with lovely design.


Suzune by Ichinokura

Junmai Ginjo Sparkling PUPPY by Bunraku

Chobitto Kanpai by Hananomai


However, I believe all sake is for women (of course for men, too): these bottles function just as the entrance for female beginners who hesitate to drink sake that tends to seem kind of difficult.

*Spirits: The distilled liquor with high ABVs (around 20-90%) such as whisky, gin, brandy etc.


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