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Man: To be honest, I’m a lightweight… You don’t like a man who can’t drink, do you?

Saki: You’re mistaken! I never mind that…

Saki: It is more than enough if you don’t mind I drink a lot!

(Monologue) What you drink is none of my business if you don’t disturb my drinking…


Basically, Japanese people have a lower tolerance for alcohol than western people (Mongoloid origin has deficiency of ALDH2 activity, an enzyme decomposes alcohol). Also, most people have a prejudice that women can get drunk easier.

Because of that, sometimes people tell me, “As you are a heavy drinker, you don’t want to date with a lightweight, do you?”

In fact, however, I have never minded such kinds of things as the manga shows.

Also, some people feel anxious, “As you are a heavy drinker, you would force me to drink if I go to the bar with you…”

They get drinkers wrong. Personally, I’ve never made people drink against their will however deep I got drunk.

I definitely can’t accept alcohol harassment. In Japan, there is a traditional custom, al-hara (abbreviation of alcohol harassment), that bosses compel a young subordinate to drink alcohol at a business drinking party. Recently, it has become a social issue with many criticisms.

I can never forgive this for many reasons: first, they don’t respect people who make alcoholic beverages. Second, they afflict people who can’t drink alcohol. Third, they give opportunities people hate alcohol. Lastly, more than anything, I don’t want them to waste alcohol.

For bibulous people, a drop of alcohol is much more important than a drop of blood. I believe people who love alcohol want to drink as much as possible: they don’t give their precious liquid to someone who doesn’t want that.


On the other hand, I often invite lightweights for dinner. In my university days, when I invite Mr. M, one of my friends with a low tolerance for alcohol, I talked to him, “Why don’t we go for a coke?”

In my workplace, I often invited lightweights, “Let’s eat meat together!” or “Would you like to have ramen with me?” etc. I drank like a fish, while they drank alcohol-free beverage. Most of them said, “I’m really grad that you invited me… I have few opportunities to have dinner with colleagues because I can’t drink alcohol.”

At a drinking party, people tend to have a deep conversation feeling relaxed. Drinkers avoid inviting lightweights because drinkers believe that lightweights don’t like such a party. For my experience, however, I found lightweights sometimes feel left out.

Of course, some lightweights completely hate a drinking party—remember, be a sharp observer. In any case, I hope people can enjoy a party regardless whether they can drink or not.

Additionally, it is essential that a drinker pay more than lightweights do, in order to avoid letting them feel unfair.


By the way, sometimes I see excited lightweights at a drinking party even though they never drink alcohol. They make me feel I am no match for them… because I can’t lift me up without alcohol!


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